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a strong voice

A voice that needs to be heard in Jefferson city. Nancy has your concerns and will make them heard.

The Clear choice

A resident of the 135th District since 1975. Nancy Hagan is a committed educator, volunteer, mother and grandmother. 31 years in the Springfield Public School. She is ready to make a positive difference as YOUR VOICE in Jefferson City.

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2260 E BRIAR

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Voter Registration Information

Registration Qualifications

18 Years of age by Election Day

US Citizen

Missouri Resident

No person shall be entitled to vote:

While confined under a sentence of imprisonment;

While on probation or parole after the conviction of a felony

After conviction of a felony or misdemeanor connected with voting or the right of suffrage

Where to Register to Vote

By mail through the post-card voter registration application

At the office of the local election authority – For Greene County

Richard T. Struckhoff
County Clerk
940 Booneville, Room 113
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 868-4055
FAX (417) 868-4170

At any Department of Motor Vehicles office, or state agency providing a service to the public (WIC, Social Services, etc)

If you would like to request a mail-in post card registration please complete this form.