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A voice that needs to be heard in Jefferson city. Nancy has your concerns and will make them heard.

The Clear choice

A resident of the 135th District since 1975. Nancy Hagan is a committed educator, volunteer, mother and grandmother. 31 years in the Springfield Public School. She is ready to make a positive difference as YOUR VOICE in Jefferson City.

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affordable & accessible healthcare

"The United States is the only large industrialized country that does not guarantee all its citizens immediate and regular access to health care. About one in six Americans is now without health insurance."

"Nancy Hagan will work to reverse the cuts made to our most vulnerable, revive the previous funding level for the S-CHIP program for the children of hardworking Missourians, and push to provide fair and affordable access to all."

educational opportunities

"A foundation of high student academic standards and assessments; quality teachers and administrators; and high quality schools combined with availability for all."

"Nancy Hagan believes that our children deserve the best educational opportunities we can provide. Nancy will work hard to ensure that our schools receive the funding needed to return our public schools to greatness."

Economic Opportunities

Families in Missouri are struggling with the rapidly rising costs of gas, groceries and college tuition. As your Representative, I will work to develop progressive economic strategies for our state, including investment in clean technologies... workforce training...and tools and incentives for businesses that create quality jobs.

Nancy Hagan will strive to add meaningful, good-paying jobs in Missouri. This can be done if we create incentives that produce results, rather than simply being payoffs to political cronies.

a clean environment

A clean environment is vital to both the region’s economy and our community’s way of life. I will continue to work with citizens, businesses and local governments to promote policies aimed a leaving a healthy Missourians for future generations.

"Nancy Hagan pledges to work with other state leaders to make our state a leader in the preserving our natural resources and exploring new energy alternatives."