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a strong voice

A voice that needs to be heard in Jefferson city. Nancy has your concerns and will make them heard.

The Clear choice

A resident of the 135th District since 1975. Nancy Hagan is a committed educator, volunteer, mother and grandmother. 31 years in the Springfield Public School. She is ready to make a positive difference as YOUR VOICE in Jefferson City.

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2260 E BRIAR

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  • a resident of the 135th District since 1975
  • a mother of two and grandmother of six;
  • married to her high school sweetheart,“Coach" Jim Hagan, since 1966
  • a committed educator, with 31 years’ teaching
  • experience in the Springfield Public Schools
  • a community leader and volunteer; member the
    Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce

a voice for positive change in Missouri

Public service is not about money or power.
It is about improving the
communities, opportunities
and quality of life of the people we represent.

— Nancy Hagan

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